How to Customize/Style the Qr Code?

How to Customize the Qr Code

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

QR Code design needs a balance between colors that contrast so that the QR Code stands out, but it still also has to match with the rest of the material & your branding.

The focus could be to include your brand colors and then contrast them so a reader's eye is brought to the QR Code.

In Aryel, when publishing your campaign, you have the possibility to customize the QR code by:

• Changing its color &

• Removing Aryel's logo (not available for free users)

Here is how the customization UI will look:

Choose the color you want, and download the QR code with the new modifications in png format, ready for your printed material! 🚀

💡 Quick tip
If a need arises to edit the style (of the QR Code) after publication, you can:

👉 Open the QR code popup;

👉 Hover over the popup so that an 'edit' icon appears;

👉 Click on the 'edit' icon and edit the QR code settings.



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