Use the Facebook Pixel on campaigns

Utilizing the Facebook Pixel for AR Campaigns

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The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you measure how effective your Facebook ad campaigns are by monitoring the actions people take on your AR campaign.

On Aryel you may create, for instance, sponsored posts retargeting the users who have seen your experience!

Before you start

  • Depending on what laws are applicable to your business, you may be required to notify your visitors about tracking and allow them to opt out. For more information about how visitors to your website or landing page can opt-out of Track with Facebook, take a look at Facebook’s Cookies & Other Storage Technologies policy.

  • You can change your tracking settings before or after you publish your content.

  • If you update tracking on your published campaigns, you'll need to un-publish and re-publish it for your new settings to take effect.

  • Once you choose to remove any tracking tool from a campaign, it may take up to 30 minutes for it to be removed.

How it works

The Facebook pixel sends tracking information to your Facebook Business account, so you can optimize your ads to target landing page visitors. You can add the Facebook pixel to Aryel campaigns to track the views.

Find an existing Facebook pixel ID

To use an existing Pixel ID, you’ll find it in your Facebook account and add it to your campaigns on Aryel.

To find your Pixel ID, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the Business Settings tab in your Facebook Business Manager account.

2. Click Data Sources.

Click Data Sources.

3. Click Pixels.

Facebook EventsManager Pixels

4. In the Pixels column, find the name of the pixel you want to work with.

Next, you’ll add the Facebook pixel on Aryel.

Once the campaign is created, go on Settings.

Enter the Power-Up section and select the Facebook Pixel

Simply paste your Facebook Pixel tracking code (the one you've found on your Facebook page, as we've seen above).

Click on save again to close the Power-Ups section; your Facebook Pixel is up and running! Please notice it can take some time before the Pixel starts tracking your campaigns.

👉 Other tracking options

  • Google Analytics
    You can also use Google Analytics to better understand your audience with more detailed insights. You’ll need a Google Analytics account to get started. To learn more, take a look at Use Google Analytics on Campaigns.

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